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Kathy Ryan, New York Times Magazine Photo Editor on Her New Role As Curator – New York Photo Festival – Brooklyn, New York 2008

In this extended interview with Kathy Ryan, photo editor for the New York Times Magazine we discuss her new role as a curator for the New York Photo Festival, held in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, New York. The NY Photo Festival is a new event, in fact the first photo festival in New York! Ryan articulately discusses the photographers and work she selected for her pavilions. Recorded at the NY Photo Festival, in May 2008 by Harris Fogel with editorial assistance by Frank Schramm.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/23/2009 (20:05)

AIPAD President and Photography Gallery Owner Robert Klein on the History and Importance of the AIPAD Photography Show

In this interview with Robert Klein, the President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers and founder of the Robert Klein Gallery in Boston, Robert discusses the beginnings and history of the AIPAD Photography Show held in NY each Spring. Recorded at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, in April 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/8/2009 (9:55)

Josh Weisberg of Microsoft on their Commitment to Digital Photography – Microsoft Pro Photo Summit, Redmond, Washington 2008

In this interview with Josh Weisberg, Director of the Microsoft Rich Media Group, we discuss Microsoft's commitment to digital photography. Josh describes how Microsoft's recent purchase of iView MediaPro, and the introduction of SilverLight, point to renewed support for creative professionals. Recorded at the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit conference in Redmond, Washington, in July 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/26/2008 (13:02)

Photography Gallery Director Peter MacGill on Exhibiting the Work of Curator John Szarkowski – AIPAD Conference, NY 2008

In this interview with Peter MacGill, Director of the respected Pace/MacGill Gallery in New York, Peter discusses working with legendary photography curator John Szarkowski to exhibit his own photographs. While at the Museum of Modern Art, Szarkowski was dedicated to exhibiting the work of photographers, and when he stepped down from his post, he had the opportunity to finally pay attention to his own photography. Recorded at the AIPAD conference in New York, in April 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/26/2008 (7:43)

Lynda Wienman of on – MacWorld Expo & Conference, San Francisco 2008

In this interview with Lynda Weinman, founder of we discuss the state of training in the age of broadband. Where a teacher once reached a small number of students each course, with online resources like a teacher can reach an enormous audience, in bite-sized pieces, 24/7, and anywhere on the planet! Recorded at the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel Posted 12/26/2008 (13:40)

Photography Curator Graham Howe of Curatorial Assistance Discusses Discovering E.O. Hoppe, his Journey in Photography, and Working for Graham Nash - Photo LA 2008

 In this extended conversation with photography curator Graham Howe of Curatorial Assistance, we discuss his discovery of photographer E.O. Hoppe, his own journey in photography, and working as a curator for Graham Nash. Howe also founded Curatorial Assistance, one of the first to help create and travel exhibitions of fine-art photography. Recorded at the Photo LA conference at the Santa Monica Airport, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/25/2008 (32:57)

Arrrr! Disney Brings The Pirates of the Caribbean MMO To Pirate Gamers Everywhere! – Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas 2008

Arrrr! Do ye love pirates? Are ye willing to walk the plank for "Captain" Jack Sparrow? Are ye a gunner, or a swordsman? Disney Brings the MMO gaming experience to The Pirates of the Caribbean. In this interview with Joe Shochet and Mike Goslin of Disney Online we discover what led them to create this great MMO for pirate gamers everywhere!  Recorded at the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/07/2008 (12:13)

D.M.C. of Run-D.M.C. Tells Why He Partnered With Beyond.FM to Distribute His Pioneering Music – Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas 2008

Darryl "D.M.C." Matthews McDaniels is one of the pioneers of hip-hop music, and a founding member of Run-D.M.C., which began when he was a student at St. Johns University in NYC. In this interview we talk about the history of Run-D.M.C., the upheavals in his personal life, and his decision to partner with Beyond.FM a new music download service committed to higher royalties for their artists. With an entirely new generation of youth rediscovering D.M.C. through "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" you won't want to miss this interview! Recorded at the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/04/08 (18:44)

Microsoft Introduces Office 2008 Bringing Native Intel Support for Mac Users! – MacWorld, San Francisco 2008

Microsoft had an unenviable task in rewriting their productivity giant Microsoft Office 2008 to run as an Intel native application on the new generation of Intel Macs. Rewriting an specialized application used by a handful of people is one thing, but rewriting and rethinking the world‚Äôs most popular productivity suite, all the while maintaining backwards and forward compatibility with its cousin on the Windows side is a daunting task. In this interview with Microsoft's Amanda Lefebvre & Eric Wilfrid, we learn how the new version stacks up. If you live and die by Microsoft Office, then this interview is for you!  Recorded at the MacWorld Conference, in San Francisco, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/04/2008 (13:46)

Confused by LCD and Plasma Technology? Ken Lowe of Vizio Explains How to Buy A TV In The Digital Age – Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas 2008

Are you confused by the racks of LCD and plasma TVs on sale at the store? Are the stories about plasma true? Does a LCD really save energy. Which type of set is better if the room is light? What's best if you watch a lot of sports? Ken Lowe of Vizio answers those questions and more and how to buy a TV In the digital age. Recorded at the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/04/2008 (22:12)