Matias Armors your iPod, and iRizes and iFolds your Laptop with their New Products

One of our favorite hardware companies is the Matias Corporation, named after Mac aficionado Edgar Matias. Known originally for their line of Tactile Pro keyboards, which were built to feel like the legendary Apple keyboards of yore, with their great responsive feel. Over the years they have expanded their product line to include cases, all of which have a common goal of protecting the products they wrap.

In addition to the Matias Laptop Armor line, they have a line of bombproof iPod cases, the Matias Armor line. Made of anodized aluminum, they provide a hard-shell case that protects your iPod, without limiting access to necessary controls. Inside is a soft neoprene lining, so your iPod will keep its finish without getting scratched. Matias’ cases fit iPod Classics, iPod Videos, and iPod Nanos. Just about indestructible and elegant at the same time, the Matias Armor iPod case comes highly recommended.

This year Matias introduced a couple of laptop stands. The iFold is for presentation use, or with an external keyboard. And the iRizer is for either tabletop use for better typing and safer ergonomics, and can also be used for presentations. The Matias iRizer and iFold are well-constructed, they fold flat, and they aren’t a visual distraction. The iFold can also double as a laptop desk as well, to keep your lap cool when using your nice, warm laptop. The iRizer has a range of tilts so it can be used as a stand for better ergonomics,  or at the full range of tilt. It can be used with an external keyboard to place the display at eye-level. Admittedly, laptop stands might not seem that exciting, but a good one can make life much more comfortable. If you are looking for a tough case for your iPod, or a portable and adjustable stand for your laptop, take a look at Matias’ offerings.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

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