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The History of Iris Printing with Jack Duganne, Who Coined the Word “Giclée” – NAPP Photoshop World Las Vegas

An interview with master digital printer Jack Duganne, who began printing for Graham Nash, and who coined the term “Giclée,” and later founded Duganne Atellier. If you ever wondered where fine-art digital printmaking began, then listen to this interview. Recorded at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Photoshop World Conference, Las Vegas, in September 2006 by Harris Fogel. (28:01)

Harris Fogel, Posted 11/5/2006; Reposted and updated 8/12/2023

Symposium Report – The Daguerreian Society Symposium 2021

Each year, The Daguerreian Society, a group of scholars, collectors, archivists, gallerists, photo historians, and lovers of photography, gather to discuss advances in the field. The annual symposium has been held via Zoom for the past two years, and this years meeting was even better then last. Read on for a full report on the Annual Symposium held in October 2021. If you love photography, then consider joining the society!

Harris Fogel, posted 1/20/2022

Review - The 2020 Daguerreian Society Symposium

The Daguerreian Society was formed in 1988 as a group “dedicated to the history, science, and art of the daguerreotype,” but has expanded its mission; hence the Society’s new tag line: “dedicated to the history, science, and art of early photography and processes.” Normally, the Society hosts on an annual five-day conference, but due to the pandemic, they cut two days from the event, but kept a full schedule of speakers, panels, and museum tours, created a Virtual TradeFair, a benefit auction, and even informal time to chat over drinks or dinner. How well did this important symposium work out as a virtual event? Read on for our full review.

Harris Fogel with editorial support by Nancy Burlan, Stephen Perloff, and Sarah Weatherwax, Posted 1/11/2021

Interview – Noel Lee of Monster Products at the Made In America Festival, Philadelphia, and the Monster Firecracker™ High Definition Bluetooth Speaker

If you ask most consumers to name a consumer electronics brand, the chances are most will come up with Monster Products on their list. Starting in 1979 Noel Lee, working in his garage created his first set of Monster speaker cables, and grew those cables into one of the best-known audio video brands in the world. No longer just cables, over the years they have diversified into a wide variety of markets, from speakers, headphones, earphones, cables, music, etc. In this interview recorded at the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia we discuss their new products including their new Monster Firecracker™ High Definition Bluetooth Speaker, their ongoing litigation with Apple over its acquisition of Beats for $3 billion, and their new retail strategy.

Harris Fogel, posted 10/7/2017

Review – Philadelphia Spirits Week at Citizens Bank Park 2017

No American location is more fitting to host a week of events centered around distilled spirits than Philadelphia. It is claimed that Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American whiskey. In fact, the Whiskey Rebellion occurred in the western end of the state in 1794, when the young U.S. government began taxing whiskey to pay for the Revolutionary War. Now in its 2nd year, the Philadelphia Sprits Week showcases spirits from Pennsylvania on one night, and the next night premium whiskeys from throughout the country. To learn more about this acclaimed event read our full report.

Nancy Burlan, with additional reporting by Harris Fogel and Ken Kramar, posted 4/20/2017

Interview – Technology, Whiskey, Business, and the creation of a new Straight Rye Whiskey from Dad’s Hat at the American Whiskey Convention

Craft Breweries and Craft Distillers seem to be sprouting on every street corner. One of the best of the new distillers is Dad’s Hat, located in Bristol, a Philadelphia region based distiller of rye whiskey that has racked up award after award since its introduction. In this interview we explore what brought Herman C. Mihalich to his dream of distilling his own whiskey in the state where rye whiskey originated.

Harris Fogel and Ken Kramar, with editorial assistance by Nancy Burlan, recorded at the American Whiskey Convention, at Citizens Bank Park, posted 4/15/2017  (8:32)

Interview – Catherine Edelman on AIPAD’s move of The Photography Show to Pier 94 in New York City

In this interview with Catherine Edelman, the President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers and founder of the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, Edelman discusses the history and importance of The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (A.I.P.A.D.) Photography Show held in New York City each spring. Edelman discusses what it took for “The Photography Show, Presented by AIPAD” to move to Pier 94 this year, with an increase in size, programming, and education, and exhibitions. Recorded at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, in March 2017 by Harris Fogel. (12:42)

Harris Fogel, with editorial assistance by Frank Schramm, Posted 4/10/2017 

Interview – Bryan O'Neil Hughes – Adobe's Mobile Direction – Photoshop World 2016

In this extended interview with Bryan O'Neil Hughes of Adobe, we discuss Adobe's initiatives toward mobile photography and production work. With an expanded set of apps, the Creative Cloud, and more interactivty between apps, the barriers between workflows have been ereased. Listen in to learn more! Recorded by Harris Fogel, at Photoshop World 2016, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. (32:37)

Harris Fogel, posted 8/26/2016


Interview – Mary Engel and Grayson Dantzic discuss APAG (American Photography Archives Group) and the second annual APAG Conference held at I.C.P. in New York City
Grayson Dantzic and Mary Engel of APAG

In this interview with Mary Engel and Executive Vice President Grayson Dantzic we discuss the creation of APAG, and the 2nd Annual APAG Conference in New York, held at the International Center of Photography, in September 2015. The American Photography Archives Group (APAG) is an organization created by President and Founder Mary Engel, the daughter of Ruth Orkin and Morris Engel. The primary mission of APAG has been to offer a forum for living artists and guardians of archives to come together to discuss and learn about all aspects of archive management. If you are interested in photography, estate planning for artists, and preserving photography archives, listen in! Recorded at the International Center of Photography in New York City, in September 2015 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/7/2016 (14:34)


Interview – Light L16 Camera – CES 2016
Dave Grannan

As exciting as new digital photographic equipment is, most of it isn’t that different then the cameras of Nicéphore Niépce, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, and William Henry Fox Talbot. They all featured a single lens, and light sensitive material at the focal plane. For all their technical wizardry, the vast majority of digital cameras are the same, except for a digital sensor in place of light sensitive metal, glass, paper, or film. The new Light L16 camera is a radical departure that could shake the foundations of current camera design. In this extended interview with Co-Founder & CEO Dave Grannan, and Co-Founder & CTO Dr. Rajiv Laroia, we learn the story of this remarkable new technology. Recorded at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show by Harris Fogel and John Mulhern III.

Harris Fogel and John Mulhern III, Posted 1/30/2016 (37:06)