Advanced Digital Photography with Color Management Guru and Peachpit Press author Bruce Fraser - Photoshop World Boston 2005

An interview on advanced digital photography with color management guru and Peachpit Press author Bruce Fraser, 1954 - 2006. Bruce was one of those rare folks who you can say was really at the top of their field. Bruce passed away in 2006 after a battle with lung cancer. We lost a treasured mentor, author, musician, resource, and friend to almost everyone involved in digital photography. In the interview we discuss how to meter for digital photography, the DNG format initiative from Adobe, and much more. Bruce's quest to improve and make workable color management for digital imaging, influenced almost every aspect of the digital imaging revolution, and chances are that if you have used a digital camera, read an article on color in digital images, and used any popular image editing program, you have had the benefit of Bruce's passion. Recorded at Photoshop World Boston in September 2005 by Harris Fogel. (18:38)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/8/2006

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