The Great Kat on Speed Guitar, Classical Music, & the Moron Masses

A shred interview with musician The Great Kat on matters ranging from the importance of classical music, the idea of virtuosity, and the impact of the digital age upon musicians. Take one-part Juilliard graduate, one-part metal-head, one-part classical music virtuoso, and one-part all consuming politically incorrect passion, mix vigorously, and you might have a portion of The Great Kat. Listen in for a no-holds-barred, fully-energized, non-censored interview with a musician that “Guitar One” Magazine named as one of the top ten fastest guitar shredders of all time. Instead of a triple espresso, just listen to this interview! Recorded in New York in June, 2006, by Harris Fogel. (14:41)

Harris Fogel, posted 7/28/2006

Sarasate's "Zapateado" for Violin, Piano & Band, from The Great Kat's Wagner's War CD Is used with permission of the artist.

Photographs by Harris Fogel 2006
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