Marc J. Barr, Education Chair of SIGGRAPH/ACM 05 on SIGGRAPH, the Granddaddy of Technology and Computer Art Conferences - Siggraph Los Angeles 2005

An interview with Professor Marc J. Barr, Education Chair of SIGGRAPH/ACM 05, now in it’s 33rd year and the granddaddy of technology and computer art conferences. We discuss teapots, the upcoming SIGGRAPH/ACM conference in Boston, and why you should book a trip to Boston in August 2006 to attend. Wonder how you can be involved, or help start a SIGGRAPH chapter at your school? Just listen to this interview! Recorded at SIGGAPH Los Angeles in August 2005 by Harris Fogel. (17:35)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/8/2006

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Photo of George Lucas at SIGGRAPH/ACM 2005 Los Angeles, Courtesy SIGGRAPH/ACM