Ray Tracing Explained! Why That Ford You Are Lusting After Might Not Even Exist Yet – Siggraph 2006

 If you have ever wondered how those reflections look so real, it’s probably Ray Tracing at work! An interview with Brian Tyler, CEO of ART VPS, the makers of the worlds only processor chip dedicated to the mysterious art of Ray Tracing! With the announcment that Ford is previewing it’s new vehicles using Ray Tracing, and not product photography, the Ford you are seeing in their ads might not even exist. If you build 3D or architectural models, or product design, then this interview is for you. Recorded at the Siggraph/ACM Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, in August 2006 by Harris Fogel. Posted 9/17/2006 (9:19)
For more information visit: www.artvps.com

Photograph by Harris Fogel 2006