Leica’s Newest Camera, the M8 Digital Rangefinder – Photokina 2006

Since 1914, for many photographers one name was synonymous with photography, and that was Leica. The original UR-Leica was invented by Oskar Barnack and used a new film format for still photography, 35mm. The name Leica was derived from Ernst “LEItz CAmera” which became Leica. How would one of the most prestigious names in photography, creators of the camera used by many of the greatest photographers, grapple with the digital onslaught? With the Leica M8, and in this interview with Gero Furchheim of Leica Camera, AG, we learn about their newest addition to their storied line of cameras. Leica calls it’s new product, “A Photographer’s Dream Come True” and once you pick it up, you can understand why. Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in October 2006 by Harris Fogel. Posted 10/28/06 (12:38)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2006