The Fine-Edition Book with Eric Kunsman of Booksmart Studio – Photokina 2006

One of the most important aspects of the digital photography revolution was the ability to create books of your own images without the need for a publisher, or even the need to have a press run. In this interview with Eric Kunsman of Booksmart Studio, we discuss the rise of the fine-edition book. In the past, an artist didn’t have too many choices if they wanted a book of their work, but with the advent of digital imaging technology, everyone from photographers to scrapbookers are creating their own books, and in the fine-art realm fine-edition books are allowing artists new ways to reach their collectors, and audience. Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in October 2006 by Harris Fogel. Posted 11/26/06 (11:07)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2006