Photo Paper Explained, or How Felix Schoeller Has Been a Part of Your Life for the Past 100 Years – Photokina 2006

For the past 100 years much of the world market for the base of photography papers were all made by one firm, Felix Schoeller of Germany, and today they have two-thirds of the market! In this interview with Michael Szidat, of Felix Schoeller we learn of the changes in the paper industry as photography enters the digital age, but don’t worry if you never heard of them, because while they create the paper bases for paper that might just come in Yellow, Greeen, Orange and other colored boxes, their name is never on the package. In the past, manufacturers coated their own light sensitive silver emulsions on the paper supplied by Felix Schoeller, but as any good OEM manufacturer would tell you, it’s all behind the scenes. Imagine all the photographs you have seen in your entire life, and then realize that most of them were made by on paper created by the Felix Schoeller company, and the importance of their legacy starts to become comprehensible. Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in October 2006 by Harris Fogel. Posted 11/26/06 (15:31)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2006