The Widgets were hung from the Dashboard with Care… Holiday Widgets 2006

“The widgets were hung from the dashboard with care…”

Yes, I know I’m taking liberties with Clement C. Moore's infamous holiday poem, but at this time of year, there are enough festive widgets to warm the cold winter’s night for any Mac OS X user. (In case you haven’t upgraded yet, or have an older system, Widgets are entertaining and often useful instant gratification ornaments that you can download and then store inside the dashboard icon on your desktop for handy reference.) In addition to the old standards like calculator, clock, and weather, the website has a sleighload of widgets to enhance your holiday computer enjoyment!



Hanukkah Countdown 1.0 (Universal) — 229K
A widget that counts down to the first night of everyone’s favorite eight-night holiday, Hanukkah.


Christmas Countdown 1.0 (Universal) - 2.2MB
This cyber Christmas tree decorates itself as it gets closer to Christmas and doesn’t shed its needles.

Christmas Lights 2.0 - 688K
Twinkling lights and holiday cheer to adorn your desktop.

Christmas is Coming! 1.1 - 276K
A cute little widget to help you keep track of how long you have to wait until Christmas..

GiftTagging Widget 1.0 (Universal) - 38K
See your friends’ gift lists before you decide who has been naughty or nice.

2006 NFL 2.02 (Universal)  - 482K
What’s a holiday without the TV blaring sports in the background? This shows the season schedule with updated results. Standings can be found on the back.

Extra Tasty: Drink of the Day 1.0 (Universal) — 67K
Santa loves the milk and cookies most kids set out for him, but get creative! Browse through the Drink of the Day, home of user-input drinks and voted on by a community.

Krispy Kreme Widget 1.8 —272K
You’ve gotta keep Santa’s reindeer’s happy and full of energy! This widget finds the nearest Krispy Kreme by ZIP code and keeps Rudolph on a sugar buzz until dawn.

NewYearCount 1.0 (Universal) — 747K
Countdown widget to the new year.

Widget of Change 1.0 (Universal) —
Looking for ways to live a little healthier? The Widget of Change provides a new idea every day for eating better or getting more exercise. Don’t make your New Year’s resolutions without seeing this.

YouDiet 1.1 (Universal) - 180K
Widget based on the Weight Watchers program. It keeps track of your points and contains a calculator. 



The Widgets mentioned here are freeware, and can all be found at: 

Nancy Burlan, Posted 12/10/2006