If Monks Had Macs, A Discussion with Brian Thomas, Creator of the Landmark Multimedia Title! - MacWorld SF 2004

An interview with Brian Thomas, creator of the landmark multimedia title “If Monks Had Macs”, which began life as a Hypercard stack in 1988! Inspired by Bill Atkinson, and revised throughout the years, it has recently been updated for OS X Tiger. Over the last couple of years this interview has been a favorite of listeners, so by popular request here it is again, this time complete with a modern remastering! Recorded at MacWorld San Francisco in January 2004 by Harris Fogel. (18:59)

Harris Fogel, Originally Posted 4/16/2006, Updated 12/25/2006

For more information on Brian Thomas visit: www.rivertext.com

Photo by © Gerry Gropp 2007