Fun Bags From Down Under with Crumpler – PhotoPlus Expo New York 2006

No one has more fun making, selling, or creating new bags then the folks at Crumpler Bags. Whether it’s their “Beer for Bags” week in New York, or their irreverent catalogs, names, or website, everywhere you look the bags from down under are carrying computers, cameras, or helping messengers deliver their loads. Crumpler Bags were first created by Stu Crumpler, who was an industrial designer who also worked as a messenger and created bags to hold up to his own abuse. In this interview with Lindsay Cousley of Crumpler Bags we learn about their product line, and how they manage to have so much fun at work! Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo Conference in New York City, in November 2006 by Harris Fogel. Posted 12/24/2006 (8:50)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2006