Protecting Your Mac from Viruses, Spam, and More with Laurent Marteau of Intego – Macworld San Francisco 2007

Although those great Apple & PC television ads make it seem like the Mac is immune to threats from hackers and spammers, the fact is that as Macs get more popular, the threat to the platform increases. In this interview with Laurent Marteau of Intego we discuss their software solutions designed to protect your Mac from everything from viruses, spam, offensive content, and firewall attacks. Creators of Virus Barrier X4, Content Barrier X4, Net Barrier X4, and Personal Antispam X4, Intego has a protection solution for you. Recorded at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, in January 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 5/1/2007 (8:44)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2007