2007 Siggraph Conference Chair Joe Marks On His Goals for Siggraph – Siggraph 2007

Joe Marks is the Conference Chair for the 2007 Siggraph/ACM conference. In this interview Joe discusses where Siggraph is, and the challenges and goals it faces for the future. Siggraph is one of the worlds most prestigious conferences for the intersection of art, science, and technology, and the role of Chair allows for one’s vision of the organization and membership to become reality. Joe’s background is in computer graphics and animation, a great match for the varied communities that converge at the annual conference. Recorded at the Siggraph/ACM Conference in San Diego, California, in August 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 12/22/2007 (19:10)
For more information visit: www.siggraph.com

Article Photograph by Holly Nelson 2007
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