New Bags from LowePro and Norazza Make Carrying Your Cameras a Cinch

Anyone who has ever had to cart cameras and accessories on a day trip, a pro shoot, or a cross-coutry vacation knows that a good case can’t be underestimated. And instead of making our lives simpler, the shift to digital photography has only increased the need for a good case, one that protects and serves, so that your equipment is ready when you are. Two camera cases from LowePro qualify as noteworthy additions to a photographer’s arsenal. The digital age means that, for many photographers, a laptop becomes part of the necessary toolkit needed on a shoot, so cases much now not only hold cameras, lens, and all the usual photo gear, but also a laptop.

With that much weight, we look to backpack solutions like the superb LowePro Vertex AW series. I tested the Vertex 200 AW in a variety of shoots around the world, from sailboats in the British Virgin Islands, to the deserts of California, to the frozen streets of Poland in the winter. And in every situation, the case performed perfectly. I had it in pouring rain, ran through more airport terminals that I can remember, and the well-designed waist belt supported the load perfectly. It held a complete system, complete with two DSLRs, lenses, chargers, batteries, extra batteries, hard drives, laptop accessories, and in the outside compartment an easily accessible sleeve for your laptop to slide into. Other features include a tripod hanger, waterproof zippers, and plenty of adjustments for fit. If you are looking for a backpack design, then we highly recommend the Vertex.

Another new case is the LowePro SlingShot 200 AW. What makes this bag stand out is that you can leave the hip-belt attached and slide/rotate the bag from your back to your front, and reach down and pull out a lens, camera, or other piece of equipment. Close it up, slide/rotate it back and you back shooting. If you are like me, I’m sure there are times when you needed to put your backpack, or camera case down on the ground, or on a table, just to pull out a piece of equipment. The SlingShot lets you grab that gear without having to do this. Not only does this speed up your shoot, but also there are times when it’s simply not a great idea to publicize your gear inventory, put it in the dirt, or take it off only to place it in a vulnerable spot. This SlingShot isn’t designed to hold the massive amount of gear the Vertex can hold, rather it’s designed for a journalist or for use on location. It’s a great design, and well-executed.

One other line of bags that we have grown fond of is the Ape Case line from Norazza. They are conventionally designed bags, at an attractive price point, with quality construction and materials, but what makes them stand out, is their bright yellow interiors. The Ape Case Pro 1000 is a squared off, over the shoulder bag, but with the brilliant yellow interior it’s almost impossible to lose a part, piece, or gadget inside. If you have ever “lost” something for a shoot, only to find it days later buried in the black crevices of your bag, then you can appreciate what a treat it is to have an interior that helps to make sure that never happens to you. After using one for a while, I began to wonder why everyone didn’t make cases with brightly colored interiors!

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/07

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