LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura Keeps Your Lap and Laptop Cool

Apple’s switch to Intel processors is great for performance, price, and feature set. And if you have ever tried to work with a MacBook or MacBook Pro on your lap, you know that the laptop can also double as a pizza oven, with your lap the beneficiary of all that heat. Heck, my MacBook Pro runs hot enough that I’m going to start using it to press my shirts!

My MacBook Pro runs so hot, especially when I am charging a depleted battery, that I had to resort to pillows, magazines, and even some rigid laptop coolers just to be able to work in reasonable comfort. None of those instant fixes worked very well, and the laptop coolers that I tested were rigid, and certainly not great to bring on a plane or travel with.

So, when I was contacted by LapWorks about their Laptop Desk Futura, I was a little skeptical. One use allayed those concerns. This is a molded plastic shelf that you can place your laptop on, and then work with. It can either go on your lap, or on the desk where it adds a nice tilt to the keyboard. It is designed with rubber pads so your laptop stays put while you work. The unit’s ribs allow for support, while letting air circulate around. I went from wanting to call the burn unit to not even noticing the heat from the MacBook Pro. This is one of those products, that once you use it, you won’t let it go!

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

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