Seiko SLP Label Printers, Speed and Versatility for your Mac!

A few years ago at Boston MacWorld (boy, that dates us!), we met with Seiko Instruments, USA who were introducing a new label printer that was Mac-compatible. At the time, it was an important announcement for the Mac market, since not that many folks were making Mac-compatible devices, especially in the small business segment. Since then, Seiko has continued to improve the software, adding additional features to their SLP printer line, which stands for Smart Label Printer. Their commitment continues with the introduction of the Seiko SLP 440 printer.

We tested the SLP 450 and their new SLP 440, and we found them to be solid pieces of equipment with software to match. With a variety of label formats, from labels for your 35mm slides to shipping labels, the SLP line will meet your needs for a desktop label printer. In terms of pricing, the main difference between the models is the speed of printing, with the SLP 450 being the fastest. The most recent update to the printers allows you to capture an image from a supported webcam and use that image to print an ID card, or personalize a label, etc. Pretty nifty!

With a wide variety of labels to print on, a price that’s easy on the wallet, and the new image capture capability, we think that anyone printing labels on a regular basis take serious look Seiko’s SLP line of label printers.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/07

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