ShowerPik Keeps Your Teeth Healthy and Clean With the Technology of Water Pressure!

Contrary to what you may assume, not all the products reviewed at Mac Edition Radio require electricity! In fact, here is something that outperforms similar products that do need voltage! I was so impressed, I felt it deserves mentioning here. A few years ago I visited a friend of mine, and in his bathroom I noticed an interesting Waterpik-type device attached to his showerhead. When I asked about it, he told me that yes, it was a shower-operated product, the Oral Breeze ShowerPik, and had been recommended by his dentist.

Since not all of us actually follow our dentist’s advice to floss daily, water irrigation is the next best thing to keep teeth clean and gums healthy and to help ward off scary things like gum disease or gingivitis. The most obvious problems with traditional electric Waterpiks are that they make a mess out of your bathroom; they seem to break on a regular basis; and the little water basins can get pretty gross inside.

Oral Breeze’s ShowerPik is a plastic cylinder with a little valve that controls the flow of water, with an applicator tip attached to a thin hose (three or six feet in length. The cylinder easily screws between your showerhead on the shower fitting, so there is no need for electricity. It just takes advantage of your home’s water pressure. It comes with two applicator tips and a small shower-mounted block to hang it on. In the shower, turn the small pressure control knob on the ShowerPik, clean your teeth and massage your gums, then turn it off and finish your shower with a happy mouth! They also have a version that attaches to a sink, as well as one for traveling.

We have tested the ShowerPik extensively over the last several years, from the time we first reviewed it, and it has worked perfectly ever since. They recently updated the design, and we can’t recommend it highly enough! Keep your teeth clean and your countertop uncluttered with Oral Breeze’s ShowerPik!

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

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