Combat “Package Wrap Rage” at the Holidays, or Year-Round, with Open It!

There are few things as infuriating as the high-tech protective plastic packaging that encases many of today’s products. These clever plastic fortresses are guaranteed to either make sure you can’t open a package without destroying the contents, or to put your arteries in danger in the process. And since some of the products we discuss are victims of this overdone packing, what better product to review than one designed to safely open them? Meet your liberator, the Open It!

The Open It is a scissor and cutter combo, designed specifically to open those ubiquitous impossible-to-open plastic packages, many of which are found at big-box stores. If you attempt to pry one open with a sharp knife, you may be in serious danger of destroying whatever precious item is in the package to begin with; your trip to the ER would just be an unexpected bonus.

Enter the Open It from Zibra. The Open It was actually created by a company called The Designing Women and brought to market by Zibra. It looks a bit like an ordinary scissor, but its jaws are designed to let you hold onto the package, yet still be able to cut it. A small razor is incorporated into the design for smaller packages that need a more precise blade cut. So, does it work? We are happy to say yes! It works perfectly and safely to extract your goodies from their plastic prison. The Open It is a useful tool, and might just keep you from falling victim to that evil syndrome known as “Package Wrap Rage

Harris Fogel & Nancy Burlan, Posted 12/20/2007

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