Color Master Dan Margulis on Using Alternative Color Spaces!– NAPP Photoshop World Las Vegas 2007

In this interview with Color and Pre-Press Guru and Peachpit author Dan Margulis, we talk about color spaces, Photoshop, and why Dan is starting to curtail his teaching and writing. Dan is the author of the bible of color spaces, the classic book “Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction” now in it’s 5th Edition. Dan was also the author of the respected “Make Ready” column. If you are working in Photoshop, and thinking that the world begins and ends with RGB, then listen in to this interview! Recorded at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Photoshop World Conference, in September 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 6/29/2008 (12:55)

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2008

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