Michael Tapes, Inventor of the WhiBal, Wants to Reduce Your RAW Anxiety – PhotoPlus Expo, New York 2007

The RAW file format has given digital imaging many of the attributes of working with film, coupled with the flexibility of working with digital cameras. Despite the clear superiority of the RAW format, many photographers are still hesitant to adopt it as their format of choice. In this extended interview with Michael Tapes, inventor of the WhiBal light balancing tool, he explains why he created his new DVD “How To Shoot RAW Without Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.” So, if you have questions about shooting in RAW, or are worried that it’s too complicated, then listen to this interview! We also discuss color spaces and the use of tools like the WhiBal. Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo Conference, in New York, in October 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/04/2008 (20.33)

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2008

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