Microsoft Introduces Office 2008 Bringing Native Intel Support for Mac Users! – MacWorld, San Francisco 2008

Microsoft had an unenviable task in rewriting their productivity giant Microsoft Office 2008 to run as an Intel native application on the new generation of Intel Macs. Rewriting an specialized application used by a handful of people is one thing, but rewriting and rethinking the world’s most popular productivity suite, all the while maintaining backwards and forward compatibility with its cousin on the Windows side is a daunting task. In this interview with Microsoft’s Amanda Lefebvre & Eric Wilfrid, we learn how the new version stacks up. If you live and die by Microsoft Office, then this interview is for you!  Recorded at the MacWorld Conference, in San Francisco, in January 2008 by Harris Fogel. Posted 7/04/2008 (13:46)

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2008

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