Take Control of Your Image Downloads! Marc Rochkind on ImageIngester and DAM – SPE Conference – Denver 2008

In this extended interview with Marc Rochkind, creator of ImageIngester, we learn what led to his creation of the tool that many photographers rely on for easy, accurate, and automated downloading of their memory cards to their computer. While other programs offer an automated approach to download images, nothing has the flexibility or feature set of ImageIngester, or ImageIngesterPro. With the extraordinary power inherent in metadata, many photographers skip the important steps of properly tagging their images. So, if you have found yourself after a shoot, returning with a gigabytes of image captures, and worry if your download was successful, or if the images transferred without an error, then listen to this interview! Recorded at the Society for Photographic Education conference in Denver, Colorado, in March 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/29/2009 (19:53)

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2008

For information on ImageIngester visit: www.imageingester.com