Leave the Digital Grind Behind with the Analog World of Lomography – Photokina, Köln, Germany 2010

Could it be? Is digital making you cranky? Fed up with Pixels? Tired of spending late nights fixing computer bugs instead of going out dancing, partying, and taking cool groovy photos with this neat stuff called film? Millions of devoted users of the fun, wacky, and creative cameras known throughout the world as Lomos can’t be wrong! In the midst of the digital onslaught at Photokina which is the worlds largest photography conference, with over 150,000 visitors, held once every two years in Köln, Germany, why were so many folks lounging on beach chairs in the Lomography exhibit which filled an entire avenue in the show?

Photokina is well known for introducing the cutting edge of photographic technology and in this interview with Matthias Fiegl, President of the Lomographic Society International, we learn how he and Wolfgang Stranzinger started smuggling a little black camera named the LOMO, and why analog photography is having a comeback! From the U.S. to Europe to Asia to Japan, Lomos, Diana’s, Spinners, Horizons, and more fun and silly cameras are taking over the world! Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in September 2010 by Harris Fogel. (15:01)

Harris Fogel, Posted 10/18/10

For more information visit: www.lomography.com

For more information on Lomography at Photokina visit: www.lomography.com

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2010