Rob Hoffman and Rob Maguire of 3-D Software Giant Autodesk discuss Sketchbook Mobile for the Apple iOS, the new port of AutoCAD for Mac, AutoCAD WS, and more! – MacWorld Conference, San Francisco

Rob Hoffman, senior product marketing manager at Autodesk and Rob Maguire, AutoCAD product manager discuss their initiatives in porting AutoCAD to the Mac OS for the first time in the product’s history, Sketchbook Mobile an Apple iOS port that sprung from SketchBook Pro, and their educational offerings. If you are working in 3-D, then Maya, Softimage, AutoCAD, and more are all well-known to you. It wasn’t that long ago, that even simple 3-D models required a workstation class desktop, now some of that work can be done from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Listen in to discover how their recent releases point the way to the future as viewed by Autodesk. Recorded at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.  (14:56)

Harris Fogel, Posted 9/10/2011

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2011

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