Review – Bringrr – Never forget your phone again!

When we first discovered Bringrr at the Consumer Electronics Show’s New York press preview, we thought it sounded like a terrific idea. Bringrr is a simple device that, when plugged into a car’s power port and paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, sounds an audible reminder telling you that you’ve left your phone behind. And for most of today’s busy multi-taskers, being without a phone also means not having a camera, no texting, and losing instant access to email. More times that we care to admit, we’ve had the experience of dashing out the door, already late for a meeting, with a laundry list of necessities to remember – keys, lunch, computer, iPad, MacBook Pro, presentation, shoulder bag, jacket, coffee, bagel and – oh yeah! – phone. 

Bringrr will let you know immediately if you’ve forgotten your phone. It sounds a happy chime if you’ve remembered, and a more nagging buzzer-like reminder that lets you know you didn’t. This plug-in device works right as you start up your car, so you’ll be able to dash back into the house or office before you drive away. In addition to the sounds, Bringrr gives users a visual cue – its normally blue light will change to red if the phone it’s paired with is left behind. It is very helpful and convenient, and prevented us from leaving a phone at home within the first few days of using it!

One minor drawback – if your car only has one power adapter or lighter outlet, you wouldn’t be able to simultaneously plug in both the Bringrr and and another device, say a portable GPS, so a splitter would be a helpful addition to Bringrr’s product list. We solved this problem by using the rear lighter outlet in our van’s trunk, which worked just fine, with plenty of Bluetooth range and coverage. Created by a father-and-son team based out of New Hampshire, the Bringrr may soon prove indispensable. The retail price is $34.95; Bringrr Charge (with removable USB cable) is $44.99. The Bringrr is a Mac Edition Radio Holiday Pick, and will fit nicely under the tree this year!

Nancy Burlan, Posted 11/26/2011

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