A.I.P.A.D. President and Photography Gallery Owner Catherine Edelman on the Importance of the A.I.P.A.D. Photography Show, NYC 2014

In this interview with Catherine Edelman, the President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers and founder of the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, Edelman discusses the history and importance of The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (A.I.P.A.D.) Photography Show held in New York City each spring. Imagine visiting many of the best photography galleries in the world in one room, in one location, and you have AIPAD! Edelman also discusses her education at what was then the Philadelphia College of Art, now the University of the Arts, and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and how those experiences prepared her to start her gallery. Recorded at the AIPAD Photography Show in New York, in April 2014 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, with editorial assistance by Frank Schramm, Posted 7/14/2014 (17:31)

For more information on A.I.P.A.D visit: www.aipad.com

For more information on the Catherine Edelman Gallery visit: www.edelmangallery.com

For more information on the University of the Arts visit: www.uarts.edu

Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2014