Chris Walker and Andrew Jones of Pioneer discuss their new Dolby Atmos Product Line, CEA Show, NYC 2014

In this interview with Chris Walker and speaker design guru Andrew Jones of Pioneer, we discuss the new Pioneer initiatives of the new Dolby Atmos audio system that adds to the conventional surround sound experience by adding ceiling mounted speaker audio sources, without having to actually mount speakers in your ceiling. Ceiling mounted speakers are common in theaters, but until now out-of-reach of the home theater enthusiast since few folks wanted to mount speakers and wiring into their ceilings. With the new Dolby Atmos system, new AV Receivers, and new speakers, once can experience virtual ceiling speakers. In this interview we discuss how Pioneer approached the challenge of bringing this technology to consumers. Recorded at the Consumer Electronics Association (C.E.A.) Show in New York City, in June 2014 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, with editorial assistance by Frank Schramm, Posted 7/19/2014 (17:54)

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Photographs by Harris Fogel ©2014