Olympus Refines Its Vision with the E-5 DLSR – PhotoPlus Expo 2010!

After a long wait, Olympus refreshed its DSLR lineup with the E-5. Unveiled during Photokina 2010 in Germany, the E-5 is Olympus’ flagship prosumer camera and boasts an improved sensor, better low-light sensitivity, a larger LCD display, HD video, and their acclaimed Art Filters. In this interview with John Knaur of Olympus we discuss the feature set of the new camera, and the refinements brought forward from the E-3. If you are looking to upgrade your Olympus body, or interested in a complete DSLR system, then listen in to this interview as we dive into the new camera’s features. Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (12:27)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/2/2011

For more information on Olympus’ E-5 DSLR visit: www.getolympus.com

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