Governor Mike Huckabee on Music Education, Apple, Politics, Playing Bass Guitar, and NAMM

Governor Mike Huckabee is best known as for his conservative political life, but he has been a dedicated guitar and bass player since he was 11 years old, and it formed a strong belief in the importance of music and art education. In this interview made during the annual NAMM conference, we discuss his love for Apple, the technology he uses for his thrice-daily audio essays, his favorite bass guitar, and the challenges a politician faces in fighting for music and arts education in a time of cutbacks as states and districts try to balance the budget. Can music help heal political rifts? We also talk about I Wannaa Play! the CD he created and plays on to support NAMM’s Wanna Play Fund, an program to place musical instruments in the hands of students who could not afford one on their own. Is it a contradiction to have a bass playing, music loving, technology enthused Republican Conservative and possible presidential candidate? Listen on to find out more. Recorded at the annual NAMM conference held in Anaheim, California. (18:03)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/2/3/2011

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