Understanding Memory, Speed, Memory Myths, Truths, and Trends with Kingston Memory – Part One of Two

Computers ship with a multitude of components, most of which are clouded with a fair share of misunderstanding. In this in-depth discussion with David Leong, Chris Selden, and Mark Tekunoff of Kingston Memory we explore computer memory, UDMA, digital camera memory cards, memory myths, truths, and trends. Not having enough RAM in your computer is like buying a sports car without tires, you can roll on the rims, but not all that well and certainly not quickly. In this two-part interview we get serious about memory, for your computer, your digital camera, for gaming, and for video.

In part one of this two-part interview we discuss memory, manufacturing, the differences between ram and form factors, and the specifics of throughput and speed. If you have wondered about what is really happening with memory your digital life revolves around and what you need to know when you set out to purchase it, then listen to these two in-depth interviews. (27:32)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/2/3/2011

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Photos by ©Harris Fogel, 2011