Tired of USB Cables? Eye-Fi SD Memory Cards Make Transferring Your Photos Wirelessly a Snap – PhotoPlus Expo, New York

For most of digital photography’s history, there were only two ways to transfer your digital images to your computer. Use a USB or FireWire cable, or use a card reader. Once you get the images on your system, if you choose to upload to a social network or sharing site, that is yet another step. In this interview with Ziv Gillat, one of the founders of Eye-Fi, we learn what led to the invention of the card, how to use it, and new features that allow automatic uploading to their site for safe keeping and ease of sharing. Supported by many of the top camera brands, with consumer cards to professional cards that work with RAW files, this interview will answer your questions about wireless transfer of your photos! Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (4:45)

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/27/2011

For more information on the Eye-Fi card visit: www.eye.fi

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