Western Digital Brings USB 3.0 to its Entire Line of External USB Drives – PhotoPlus Expo, New York

As our media needs grow, so does the need for faster hard drives. In this interview with Matthew Bennion and Steve Shattuck of Western Digital we discuss their decision to move to the newer, faster, and backwards compatible 3.0 USB standard on all their USB drive. Are the claims of increased speeds accurate? Is there a difference between the theoretical vs. the daily use reality important to understand? If you have been hearing about the new USB standards, seeing USB 3.0 emblazoned on the boxes and ads for drives and wondered if you should consider this when buying drives, than this interview will answer your questions! We also discuss the move toward Network Attached Storage (NAS) that doesn’t require an IT degree to install and use. The Western Digital My Book Live allow you to access your files from anywhere in your home to anywhere in the world! You can also use a free app for your iPad or iPhone to access the photos you have at home, but might not have room for on your mobile device. Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (11:24)

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/16/2011

For more information on Western Digital visit: www.westerndigital.com

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