Review – American Standard Spectra eTouch 4-function Shower Head

Working with technology is not generally thought of as a dirty job, but at the end of a long day plugging away in the data mines, we often find ourselves craving a relaxing hot shower to wash away the tension and digital dust. Over the past few years we have seen digital technology impact all sorts of household systems, including plumbing. Luckily for us, a refreshing shower has become more interactive, and a bit more fun. The new Spectra eTouch 4-function shower head from American Standard is an easy addition to your bathroom.

At CES this year, there were many opportunities to see interesting demonstrations of sophisticated digitally controlled plumbing systems, most of which are expensive, require serious plumbing retrofits, and often remodeling of plumbing access panels. American Standard, the venerable manufacturer with more than 140 years of experience, saw the opportunity for an affordable way to bring their high-end technology to a simple retrofit.

The Spectra eTouch 4-function shower head from American Standard looks like a normal shower head,  and like most, it has different spray pattern option. However, instead of the control knob found on most competing models,  the Spectra eTouch allows the user to select from a variety of spray patterns with a simple touch of either the rim of the shower head or the wall-mounted remote. It has four separate spray patterns to choose from, including Drench, Sensitive, Jet, and Massage. We found that all the settings worked well, and the technology made it easy to find a spray pattern that suits your fancy throughout your shower. With hard-water scale an issue in many areas of the country, it’s imperative that scale is easy to clean, and the eTouch has small rubber nozzles that just need to be flicked to clean.

The shower head is powered by three AA Alkaline Batteries, and the remote control is powered by a CR2032 3V lithium battery. Although electronics and water don’t usually mix, the construction on the eTouch is robust enough for a long life. As you might expect it’s a water-saving approved 2.5gpm flow rate design, yet it never feels skimpy. The “Drench” setting provides a soaking spray with wider, full body coverage, the “Sensitive” setting is a fine, more focused spray that is soft and gentle on the skin, “Jet” provides a targeted spray, and “Massage” brings a pulsating spray that soothes aching muscles. Changing from one setting to another takes just a split second, with no noticeable loss of pressure. The unit installs in minutes - just unscrew your old shower head, and screw the new eTouch on, and in a minute or two, a great shower experience awaits. Want to spruce up your bathroom with an easy-to-use electronic shower head? If so, the American Standard Spectra eTouch 4-function Shower Head comes highly recommended.

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, posted 2/20/2018

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