John Mulhern III's Top 10 Products of CES 2019

Every year, CES has two things to watch: overall trends and individual products. Here's my first look at what I see as the Top 10 products of CES 2019.

10) Pong mechanical game—a tabletop analog recreation of Atari's 1970's original is astoundingly appealing. Available now, designed for arcades and priced accordingly; starting at about $3,000.

9) Alienware Area-51m notebook—Alienware's brand-new design language is the host for the return of an unusual concept in early 2019: significant upgradeability (CPU, GPU, RAM, storage) in a notebook. It will be interesting to see how well this works out in the long term. Available now, starting at about $2,600.

8) PrintBrush XDR printer—this clever handheld color inkjet printer can print on many different surfaces. Currently on Kickstarter.

7) AMD Radeon VII video card—AMD's new GPU is the first to get to 7 nm; this at a time when Intel is having trouble getting to 10 nm with their microprocessors. Probably not a competitor to NVIDIA's class-leading GeForce RTX 2080, but still an interesting addition to the gaming GPU mix. Available in February, for $700.

6) AstroReality Earth AR-enhanced globe—a clever application of AR for learning, featuring a 120 mm globe and an Android/iOS app that shows many facets of the earth. Available now, for $240.

5) IBM Q System One quantum computer—any thought that this CES resembled those of twenty years ago (the most notable introduction in 1999 was likely the TiVo DVR) was quickly removed by IBM's introduction of this nine-foot air-tight cube, the world's first commercially available quantum computer. Available sometime in 2019, and if you have to ask about the pricing …

4) Plott Cubit measuring device—this home improvement tool integrates with your smartphone over Bluetooth and substantially eases planning. Available in March, for $100.

3) Travis Touch pocket translator—some parts of Star Trek get ever closer; this small translator knows over 100 languages and recently added a learning add-on. Available now, for $200.

2) LifeinaBox medical refrigerator—this tiny shoebox-sized fridge uses the Peltier Effect to keep essential medications cool. Available in 2019, price unknown.

1) LG Signature OLED R television—LG's ability to bring this product to market is a testimony to their technological leadership in televisions. I hope that the basics of this design make it to some of their other OLED displays over the next few years. Available in the second half of 2019, price unknown.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/13/2019