Review – ZVOX AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones with AccuVoice Technology

Noise Cancelling headphones are all the rage, with most boasting similar technology. And most of them look the same; have varying degrees of noise-cancelling effectiveness, and depending on the model, better or less audio quality for music. So, what makes the ZVOX AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones with AccuVoice Technology unique? According to ZVOX, it’s their AccuVoice Technology, which promises to highlight vocals while reducing ambient noise.

Voicing an audio component is a necessary aspect of every audio product. Obviously, some manufacturers take it more seriously than others, some have more skilled technicians and designers, and finally, materials, quality, price point, and their ultimate use is completely variable. 

If you haven’t heard of ZVOX, it’s understandable. It is best know as the company known for inventing the sound bar. According to ZVOX, “Many ZVOX employees worked for Cambridge SoundWorks in the 1980s and 1990s. We created a product in 1997 called TVWorks, which was one of the first sound bar style products ever made. It was not a success – nor were some other products developed at that time. The first ZVOX audio system (the Model 315) is arguably the first successful sound bar.” In recent years they have introduced a line of products that emphasize vocals, perfect for older listeners, who might have some hearing loss, or just feel that vocals aren’t presented with enough clarity. 

Does the ZVOX AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones with AccuVoice Technology live up to their hype? In my experience, they lived up to it and more.

One of the primary considerations for headphones is their comfort and fit. I found the AV50 both light and comfortable, important since they tend to be used for an extended time, often during travel.

The AV50’s greatest asset is its noise cancellation. Not only did I find it effective, compared to other models, but because its original design was for the fitty plus crowd, I found it natural in use, but not limited to the AARP crowd, it’s also an approachable device for the millennial audiophile as well. It’s a great travel companion, and the sound quality is dazzling.

When I put them to the test in traveling across the Atlantic this past summer, they were remarkable in their performance at cruising altitude of 39,000 feet. It kept my stream of Beethoven piano sonatas with Daniel Barenboim at the keyboard, streaming throughout the cabin without any skips in the Bluetooth the connection. Even in line for the restroom!

With it’s excellent noise-cancelling; I didnt hear any secondary noise from inside the fuselage. The Gods of Music would love the ZVOX AV50 at this altitude! They proved to be a very fine listening device, providing the listener with superior quality sound. The musicality of the AV50s is due in part to the inclusion of aptX Bluetooth. According to ZVOX, “You can connect AV50s using the supplied cord, or connect to your phone, tablet or laptop computer using aptX Bluetooth technology. With an optional Bluetooth transmitting device, you can also connect to your TV.” As our readers know, aptX is vital in allowing high-quality audio over Bluetooth, so it’s inclusion is a sign that ZVOX is serious in its commitment to audio.

While visiting Rome, I had the pleasure of bringing the AV50s along for a journey to the popular vinyl shop “Millerecords”, which I recommend to anyone who is visiting the ancient city. I used the ZAV50s via its aptX Bluetooth connection to listen to my selection of treasured findings of 20th century classical vinyl. Some of the other features are the capability of hands free phone calls. Also, there is variety of control features so that you can make hands free phone calls from your android or cell phone. Up to 18 hours battery life or 15 hours with noise cancellation.

All in all I found the ZVOX AV50 Noise Cancelling Headphones with AccuVoice Technology a superior pair of headphones for travel of any type, which conveniently and efficiently fold up into a well-designed protective case. And for the price $99.99 on Amazon, they are a bargain. Highly Recommended

Frank Schramm, with editorial assistance by Harris Fogel, Posted 11/25/2019

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