Review – Let the soothing sounds of SleepPhones® ASMR Edition guide you toward better rest

We’ve been dedicated SleepPhones® aficionados for a few years now, making them a part of our nightly bedtime routine. The comfy headbands have small, slim-profile speakers inside that can be plugged into or paired with personal devices or smart speakers to provide whatever sounds the listener prefers to hear while falling off to dreamland. So when we had the opportunity to check out their new SleepPhones® ASMR Edition, we sleepily jumped at the chance.

SleepPhones® ASMR are the first headphones we’ve seen that come preloaded with relaxing ASMR content. ASMR – or autonomous sensory meridian response – describes a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It can be triggered by certain sounds such as whispering, bubbling carbonation, or gentle tapping, as well as visual stimuli and light touches. ASMR was only identified about 12 years ago, but its popularity has surged – it was even featured in a commercial during the 2019 Super Bowl featuring  Zoe Kravitz whispering while pouring a Michelob Ultra into a glass ( While not everyone responds to ASMR stimulation in the same way, many report that it can be deeply relaxing and sleep inducing.

Our test drive of this product proved quite effective and enjoyable. The headband connects to a rechargeable module about the size of an iPod mini that has been pre-loaded with eight hours of ASMR content from 16 featured artists (or, “ASMRtists”) who each provide unique, original tracks that SleepPhones® users can listen to while falling asleep, meditating, or just relaxing. We found it particularly helpful for destressing while traveling. In addition to sparking that tingling sensation, the soothing sounds helped block out unwanted noise and chit-chat from other passengers. The module is fully charged in about three hours, and can hold that charge for 20 hours. The headband is super comfortable and comes in a variety of colors and two fabric options – cozy Fleece and the more breathable Breeze, for listeners who are hot sleepers or live in warmer climates. The speakers have superior sound quality and sit over the ear, making this product truly the most comfortable of its kind, even for side sleepers. Priced at $99.95, they come in three sizes (S- M-L) and carry a one-year limited warranty.

The SleepPhones® ASMR must be connected to the custom player in order to provide sound – there’s no Bluetooth® capability - users aren’t able modify or add to the tracks, or listen to other external music with this model. If your sleepy time listening preferences lean more toward an external source for self-curated music and podcasts, check out the corded or wireless SleepPhones® models at

Side note: when we’re not listening to the ASMR Edition content, we like to queue up a few hours’ worth of Sleep With Me Podcast episodes on the old smart phone, and let podcaster Drew Ackerman, aka Scooter (@dearestscooter), bore us off to dreamland on either our Bluetooth® or corded SleepPhones®.

SleepPhones® ASMR Edition come highly recommended, whether as a holiday gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself. We all deserve to sleep better and wake up refreshed throughout the New Year!

Nancy Burlan, posted 11/24/2019

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