Review – The minder® Laptop Tower Stand from obVus Solutions

There was a point last year when it became obvious that the pandemic was not going to be over in a few weeks as everyone had hoped, and we would instead continue working from home for the long haul, most often hunched over a laptop at the dining room table. The goal was to create a makeshift workspace that was both functional and comfortable. Our table is a large space in a well-lit room, but its height is lower than a standard desk, and it was simply not designed for a full day's work. After a month or so of sore necks and backaches, we discovered a solution to our problem: the minder® Laptop Tower Stand from obVus Solutions.

This award-winning stand is a simple yet effective idea: an adjustable "Z" shaped unit that telescopes from 2" to 21" to accommodate the preferred height of one's laptop or tablet, so it's fully customizable for any user while sitting on any size chair, or even standing. It is a comfortable weight, and the angle of the shelf is adjustable so you can find the perfect setting for your wrists while keyboarding, or at just the right eye-level for your Zoom close up (no one likes to see that “nostril view” in a meeting!).  It's easy to position, and very ergonomic, which helps minimize end-of-day neck stiffness and promote better posture

The minder® Laptop Tower Stand was voted "Best Overall Stand to Save Your Neck" by WIRED, two years in a row! It does require a small bit of muscle to move the shelf up or down when modifying the height and tilt, but once you’ve set it in the position that’s best for your environment, it definitely won't slip out of place even with the occasional forceful typing. We appreciated the look of its sleek aluminum design, and it’s lightweight, so super easy to move it from room to room.

In addition to traditional workplace functions, it comes in handy for comfortably watching videos and streaming content during leisure time. We've also relocated the minder® Laptop Tower Stand to the kitchen, which was a great way to view online recipes safely and cleanly above the often-messy countertop action. And, our cats also found it made our laptops the perfect height to peer over, so they could make eye contact at feeding time!

The only downside we've experienced was that the small adhesive dots in the shelf's corners, which do help keep a device from slipping, lost their grip after being exposed to the heat coming from the bottom of a laptop. The stand is actually one-part of a two-part solution. While the stand positions the laptop for an ideal height, the “minder for Apple Watch - Posture Corrector and Breathing Coach” is an integrated system to hold your phone, your Apple Watch, control your breathing, and maintain a better sense of calm. 

When we first talked to Ken Rosenblood, creator of the products, it was way back in 2020, and things, as you might know, got in the way of writing a timely review. Not so the use of the laptop stand, we set it up and used right away, quickly becoming an office favorite. Rosenblood was clearly proud of his creations, and sincere about creating a safer and healthier workplace. It easily held every laptop we used with it, from an ancient and heavy beast, the Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch, to a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and few others in between. It held them all, secure, and without drift or vibration. 

With a reasonable price point of $79.99, the minder® Laptop Tower Stand from obVus Solutions is an affordable and stylish way to stay focused while maintaining good posture and comfort all day long. Highly recommended.

Nancy Burlan, Posted 6/23/2021

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