Review – trücup Coffee – Reduced Acid Coffee That Rocks!

Coffee has become a ubiquitous component of daily life that we too often take for granted. Many of us have come to appreciate the aroma, taste and of course, the energy boost we get from our favorite blends. Unfortunately, we also tend to expect there might be a downside to the uplift – the unpleasant side effects of acid on sensitive stomach linings. Thankfully, that’s not the case with low-acid trücup coffee, a Seattle-based company that uses a natural process to remove acids in coffee, while not skimping on aroma or caffeine. Trücup is a great alternative for those who suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues that may be irritated by traditionally higher acidic coffee. 

If you reach way back into your memories of high school chemistry class, you might recall that acid levels are related to the pH balance. The lower the number, the higher acidic the substance. For example, water has a pH level of 7.0 while that of lemon juice is 2.4. Most coffee has a 5.0 pH level, but trücup’s light roast (Born to be Mild) has a level of 5.74, making it 60% less acidic than light roasts from some other major coffee brands. That significant reduction means that trücup imbibers can have less hesitation about reaching for that second cup of joe in the morning, with the evening meal, or as a key part of your dessert affogato.

The names of trücup’s blends offer a glimpse into the company’s sense of whimsy. When someone suggested that the medium roast be called “Stuck in the Middle,” after hearing that song on the radio, the idea to name other roasts after classic rock songs was born, hence their slogan, “Coffee That Rocks!” Other products are named Born to be Mild, Heart of Bold, Dark as Night (French roast), and You’ve Got a Blend (espresso blend). Bags of whole beans of all varieties are available in a range of sizes: 12-ounce for $12.95, two pounds for $24.95, and five pounds at $55.95. Customers can also subscribe and save 5% on recurring deliveries. If you’re not ready to commit to a quantity of one style, try a three-ounce sample pack of drip-grind coffees, or opt for a single-serve pod (biodegradable, of course – wrapper is recyclable and pod can be composted), compatible with most single-serve coffee brewing machines. 

Of the blends we sampled, we found them all to be very smooth and enjoyable on both the palate and the stomach. We first sampled he lightest roast, and to be honest, we weren’t quite sure what to expect in terms of depth and complexity. Born to Be Mild was easygoing and flavorful, and was definitely not the watery wallflower beverage that some other light roasts turn out to be. On the other end of the spectrum was the more assertive statement of aroma, color, and taste of Dark as Night got the morning off to an appropriately strong start! We would like to raise a cup to many more pleasurable acid-reduced coffee-drinking mornings such as this one.

Nancy Burlan, posted 8/22/2021

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