Review – Ökocat Premium Plant-Based Clumping Litter

We like to focus on products that we think are the cat’s meow. So when we had the chance to check out ökocat’s premium plant-based clumping litter, we pounced on it! Made from 100% upcycled wood, pulp, and paper products, ökocat’s line of litter choices are eco-friendly, with natural fibers that absorb liquids and trap odors. In fact, we found ökocat to be the most effective at neutralizing traditional litter box odors than any comparable litter we (or rather, our tabbies) have tested. Even pushing the litter past its change date, there is no detectible odor, it’s that effective. Amazing actually.

We learned about ökocat, when we met with a representative from ökocat during one of Alyson Dutch’s Consumer Product Events in Los Angeles. We chatted about cats, and she said, you need to try this litter, it’s really special. So we did!

Cats can choose from original, featherweight (closest in texture to clay litter), or supersoft. A dust-free version made from paper pellets is great for kitties with respiratory issues, or post-surgical needs. All varieties are easily scoopable, and are flushable in small amounts. We did notice that the lighter textures were more easily tracked outside of the litter box area (noticeable on dark carpets) but very easily swept or vacuumed up.

Made from a combination of spruce, fir and pine, all ökocat litter is kiln dried, and processed without harmful chemicals or artificial scent, which keeps cats happy. We humans were happy to learn that each year, millions of pounds of materials are diverted from landfills to produce ökocat, plus the box is recyclable. 

ökocat is part of the Healthy Pet family of products, which makes bedding and litter products for other fur babies in addition to cats. Their commitment to planet-friendly pet products lets you make the same choices for your animals that you make for the human members of your family. And, they’ve included a downloadable coupon on their website to get you started – you can order online, or purchase at a brick-and-mortar pet supply store. This litter is a pleasant experience for cats, and a clean and healthy option for owners. ökocat comes highly recommended.

Nancy Burlan and Harris Fogel, with assistance from Grayson and Sandy, Posted 10/17/2021

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