Review – 1MORE ComfoBuds Z

Most listeners appreciate the importance of both high-quality audio products and high-quality sleep. The pursuit of each used to be mutually exclusive, but not any longer! ComfoBuds Z True Wireless In-Ear Headphones from 1MORE bring together great sound and remarkable comfort. These compact gems have really raised the bar for earbuds that are super comfy and very affordable.

One of the primary drawbacks about most wireless earbuds is that they just aren’t comfortable enough to wear while relaxing, resting, drifting off to sleep, or when worn for more than a few minutes. There are so many meditation apps, sleepy podcasts, audiobooks and curated soundscapes that offer great enhancement to sleeping, so it’s important to find just the right set of earphones that provide the best comfortable, snug fit for whatever listening position you find yourself in.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds Z are low-profile and compact, so they feel great in the ears, and also work quite well for listening in an upright position or while moving about. They align naturally with the shape of the ear canal, and create a tight seal for a noise reduction of up to 24dB. You can choose to relax with sounds of your own choice, or with 30 built-in soothing sounds in the 1MORE MUSIC app (available for download in the App Store or Play Store) to help you mellow out and get the rest you deserve. 

During testing, we appreciated the gentle pressure-free fit that made for good sleep even when stomach- and side-sleeping, but we also felt very confident that they wouldn’t fall out during walking or other light movement. Unlike many other in-ear headphones, we experienced less awkward pressure on the ears with the 1MORE ComfoBuds Z, so less incidence of the soreness that is typical of some of the competition.

We found them easy to pair with a phone or tablet. The battery is rated for 3.5 hours but during tested, we found the charge could even last overnight. The 1MORE MUSIC app allows for an easily set up auto-off timer for playback between 30 to 150 minutes to help extend battery playing time. The 1MORE ComfoBuds Z are currently available in midnight black, frost white, and gold, and ship with four extra silicone eartips and a charging cable. We’d suggest one improvement: offer them in brighter color options in the future, to make them easier to find among the bedclothes should they fall out while you’re sleeping. With an MSRP of $79.99, they’re the perfect gift for your loved ones, or for your own very deserving ears.

1MORE ComfoBuds Z offer Bluetooth® 5.0 with instant pairing, and provide a strong and reliable connection. The left and right buds automatically pair with each other once the lid of the wireless charging case is opened, but they will also disconnect if they are too far apart from each other. One drawback is the lack of a built-in microphone, which is something many users will miss if they want to use these units while making calls. When it’s time to stow them, 1MORE ComfoBuds Z quickly snap into the compact egg-shaped case – a satisfying little “click” confirms that the earbuds are safe, secure, and charging up, until their next usage.

1MORE offers an extended warranty at a reasonable annual cost, protecting against normal wear-and-tear and mechanical issues, power surges, and mechanical failures, and comes with 24/7 customer support. For a reasonably priced set of very satisfying wireless headphones, the 1MORE ComfoBuds Z are highly recommended.

Nancy Burlan, posted 12/3/2021

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