Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Electronic Lifestyle Gifts from 1More, Neato, Oral-B, Raptic, & the Billion Dollar Art Gallery

As you may know, Mac Edition Radio began with a focus on the tech, photo, and audio world, but we've broadened our wheelhouse to include items to enhance home, health, and everyday life. Our 2021 Holiday Gift Shortlist for Electronic Lifestyle Gifts is a panoply of paraphernalia, covering a bit of everything from digital artwork, robots, toothbrushes, high capacity rechargeable batteries, & audio!


Neato Intelligent Robot Vacuums

Who has time for housecleaning during the holidays, or at any time for that matter? Neato Intelligent Robot vacuums can help you by automating your floor cleaning routine. Neato makes the only robot vacuum that is not completely round – its U” shape can clean right into the corners, unlike the competition. Pet hair is no problem for these hardworking vacuums – they can easily move over hardwood floors, area rugs, carpeting and tiled entryways, working hard to get rid of everyday dirt and dust. Neato’s vacuums are laser-based so they don’t capture or record audio while working; rather, these smart vacuums navigate by laser mapping, which means they can clean quietly in the dark, even while the household is nestled all snug in their beds. You control the cleaning, through the MyNeato app, either on-demand or with preset routings. 

Neato can even support Amazon Echo. A variety of models can clean between 700 - 2700 square feet on a single charge and are priced between $599 (Neato 8), $699 (Neato D9), and their flagshipD10 for $799. They are sale for the holiday season with deep discounts, so don’t let those deals get vacuumed away! We have two wonderful cats, Grayson and Sandy, and the Neato D10 on Turbo Mode was able to keep our rugs and hardwood floors cat hair free. Wonder why they used “D” in the naming scheme? Wonder no more, they are uniquely shaped like the letter “D” which allows the flat side to get closer to walls and other flat surfaces. They call it a “U Shape”, but whatever you call it, we think that’s a great feature!

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Oral-B iO Electric Toothbrushes

One of the best ways to stay off your dentist’s “naughty” list is to keep up with healthy habits all year long, and make good health resolutions for the new year! Oral-B iO series rechargeable toothbrushes have a unique, dentist-inspired round brush head design that gives a clean feeling even in between professional cleanings. The Smart Pressure Sensor turns red when you’re brushing too hard, protecting your gums and enamel. An interactive display offers real-time guidance on your brushing method; the new AI feature recognizes your brushing style and helps you improve when needed. No one needs to tell you how respected the Oral-B name is, so we can only reinforce it. These new models are a surefire way to make nice with your dentist and dental hygienist!

Available in a variety of colors including black onyx, rose quartz, and white alabaster. MSRP varies, from $119 for iO Series 6; $299 for Series 9.

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1MORE ComfoBuds Z

Most listeners appreciate the importance of both excellent audio products and high-quality sleep. The pursuit of each used to be mutually exclusive, but not any longer! ComfoBuds Z from 1MORE bring together great sound and remarkable comfort. low-profile in-ear wireless headphones have really raised the bar for a product that is both comfy and very affordable ($79.99 MSRP). These low-profile in-ear wireless headphones work well for listening while sleeping as well as during light exercise. They’re the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, or for your own very deserving ears!

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Billion Dollar Art Gallery

Whether you’re not yet ready to jet off to international museums and galleries, or simply an art aficionado wanting to add beautiful visuals to your home screen, Billion Dollar Art Gallery turns your television into a work of art. This digital showcase of 500 of the most iconic paintings covers 900 years of art history, from Medieval to Cubism, and everything in between. It’s a pocket-sized passport to priceless works that you’ve seen in person and would like to spend more time with, or that you may not have been able to travel to. 

The collection is contained in a sleek chrome memory stick, packaged in a compact laser-etched maple box. It easily plugs into your smart TV’s USB slot and takes virtually no set-up time, so makes a perfect stocking stuffer for your less tech-savvy friends and family. You’ll have the option of watching the entire gallery as a single slideshow, or curating your own playlist of images using your TV remote. You can also pause to show just one image for as long as you choose.

Interested in learning more information about a specific painting? Many televisions have the ability to provide additional details at the touch of a button, or you can scroll through the website on your computer or phone. At a suggested price of $39.99, the Billion Dollar Art Gallery is a very affordable gift that brings the art world to your living room.

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Raptic Titan XL Power Station + Solar 100X Portable Solar Cells

Power Power Power, where are you when I need you? If you have ever asked this question, or even said a prayer while repeating it, then the Raptic line of portable power units is deserving of your attention. Raptic (whose www.rapticstrong site address gives you an idea of their brand identity) has a full line of tough phone and tablet cases, chargers, and portable power sources

With the rise in the use of medical devices such as CPAP machines, having a power source can insure a good night’s sleep, and in the case of a power outage, which are becoming all the more prevalent with the advent of global warming, being able to power a small refrigerator, or medical device can be an actual life saver. For camping, it’s a no brainer either to keep drinks cold, or save your partner from snoring.

Combine the Raptic Titan XL 500 Power Station (500 watt-hours of capacity – 14 lbs.) with the Raptic Titan 100x Solar Panel with 100 watts (18-22V) of power that can charge the Raptic Titan XL 500 in 9-10 hours depending on sunlight, and you have a powerful incentive not to cut your camping or backpacking trip short.

The Titan XL 500 Power Station gives you the options of a 12V car port, a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, and an AC outlet, and weighs while the Titan 100x Solar Panel is actually a three-panel design that unfolds, and weighs 11.6 lbs. Raptic says that the Titan XL 500 can run a CPAP device for up to 14 hours, but we found that in testing it worked on average of three nights without a charge. Add a solar panel with sun, and it can operate continuously. We think that the Raptic Titan XL 500 Power Station and Titan 100x Solar Panel is a wonderful system for power on the go, or should your home suffer a power outage. Highly Recommended.

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Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, with Editorial Assistance from Frank Schramm & Ken Kramar, posted 12/10/2021