Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Lifestyle Gifts from Care by Design, AirPOP, Fx Chocolate, trücup Coffee, & Cheeterz Club

Care by Design – Body Balm and Hand & Body Cream

Let’s face it, it’s been a long year! So, we appreciate products that can help give a little love to hands and body. Care By Design’s hemp-based topical products represent hemp’s history of healing, and are the perfect size to slip into a holiday stocking. They contain CBD (cannabidiol), a compound found in hemp which has a rich history in medicine going back thousands of years, and is popular today in many herbal remedies.

Muscle Balm is the perfect treat for sore and achy muscles after an intense workout or cardio burst. Just apply a small amount before or after pushing yourself hard to achieve your fitness goals – you’ll notice the soothing benefit during your recovery time. The pleasing fragrance of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil coupled with 400 mg of full-spectrum hemp and the moisturizing powers of shea butter and jojoba oil offer the relief you’ll appreciate. A 2.2 oz. stick retails for $45.

Hand & Body Cream does its magic anywhere your body is in need of a moisture boost – from your hands and arms down to your feet. This non-greasy, fragrance-free cream blends sunflower oil, shea butter and squalene with 260 mg of full-spectrum hemp. Suggested price for a 2.5 oz. bottle is $49. These Care By Design products are cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, and are made with USA sun-grown hemp.

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AirPOP Active+ Halo Smart Mask

AirPOP masks claim to be designed from the inside out, offering comfortable and practical face protection. The AirPOP Active+ Halo Smart Mask goes a step further – the built-in Halo sensor inside the soft knit mask pairs with the Halo app, which tracks your breathing rate and can alert you when a replacement filter is needed. It provides high filtration particle material (>99% particle and virus filtration).

Designed for adults, the Active+ mask fits gently around the user’s face, and the filter’s silicone seal provides a secure fit. The mesh-like high-performance material allows for sufficient airflow around the face, which reduces condensation inside the mask and provides enough room for speaking without too much extra effort. The Halo sensor uses a coin battery and is splash resistant, but users must remove it before washing the mask. Available in black with yellow accents, or white with dark gray accents, the suggested price for Active+ is $99.99, AirPOP also offers two other models – Original and Active — at lower price points. The Active+ Halo Smart Mask will be a savvy, good-looking and practical surprise under the tree this year.

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Fx Chocolate

Give your loved ones who are on the nice” list the gift of Fx Chocolate, proving that feeling good can taste amazing! Made with conscientiously traded chocolate and premium-sourced non-GMO productsFX Chocolate is a healthy collection of supplements in the most awesome delivery system of all time – chocolate! Sold in packs of about 15 individual servings weighing about 5 grams each, you can choose from a wide variety of themed collections, each one containing a functional dose of high quality supplements in handcrafted chocolates.

Holiday Survival Kit includes Focus for calm centeredness (with ashwagandha), and Exhale (with GABA and L-Theanine, the ultimate chill pill in chocolate form. Sweet Sleep offers Exhale and Dream, with 3 mg of melatoninChocolate of the Month Club is perfect for giving during the holidays, and keeps the supplements coming for up to six months. The price point per kit is about $38.00. All of FX Chocolate’s formulations are 60% cacao but taste more like 70%, as no sugar is used.

This chocolate supplement is made for and marketed to adults, so check with your pediatrician if you’re considering sharing with children. Since it is made for human consumption, please don’t share with your pets. (Please follow the link below for complete ingredient list.)

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For more information on the Fx Chocolate Holiday Survival Kit visit:

trücup Coffee – A low-acid stocking stuffer that rocks!

Coffee has become a ubiquitous component of daily life that we too often take for granted. Many of us have come to appreciate the aroma, taste and of course, the energy boost we get from our favorite blends. Unfortunately, there might be a downside to the uplift – the unpleasant side effects of acid on sensitive stomach linings. Thankfully, that’s not the case with low-acid trücup coffee, a Seattle-based company that uses a natural process to remove acids in coffee, while not skimping on aroma or caffeine. trücup is a great alternative for those who suffer from heartburn or other stomach issues that may be irritated by traditionally higher acidic coffee.

The names of trücup’s blends offer a glimpse into the company’s sense of whimsy. When someone suggested that the medium roast be called “Stuck in the Middle,” after hearing that song on the radio, the idea to name other roasts after classic rock songs was born, hence their slogan, “Coffee That Rocks!” Other blends have been named Born to be Mild, Heart of Bold, Dark as Night (French roast), and You’ve Got a Blend (espresso blend). Bags of whole beans of all varieties are available in a range of sizes: 12-ounce for $12.95, two pounds for $24.95, and five pounds at $55.95. Customers can also subscribe and save 5% on recurring deliveries.

For more information on Trücup visit the company’s website,

 Cheeterz Club Eyewear

If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking at a screen right now.”

So begins Cheeterz Club’s rationale for why blue block protection is important. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or laptop, your eyes are usually working overtime from the minute you pry them open in the morning and are often exposed to blue light. The folks who make Cheeterz Club eyewear want you to be informed about how blue light from digital screens can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, sleep loss, and even headaches. And now you can add blue light protection to your Cheeterz Club eyewear, and let your eyes feel rejuvenated for the new year.

Many of us look and feel ten years younger than the age our driver’s licenses reveal us to be. If you’re beginning to feel the inevitable effects of natural vision changes that make reading a little more of a chore, take a look at Cheeterz Club. This great online resource offers a seriously stylish variety of handmade frames and power options for readers (from zero to 3.50) so you can see the fine print with ease through eyewear you design yourself. In addition to blue light protection, you can also opt for a trendy tint, or simply clear. The starting price point is $34.95, with varying additional costs for customization. Cheeterz Club doesn’t not yet offer eyewear with your personal prescription, but they hope to be able to provide this in the near future.

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Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, with Editorial Assistance from Frank Schramm & Ken Kramar, posted 12/10/2021