Review – Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow from Spice of Life USA

The hands-free Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow takes comfortable phone usage to a whole new level … or angle!

We’ve all had moments on long road trips when we needed to pull off the turnpike for a bit and take a few minutes to relax with a video, make an extended phone call, or even check in with co-workers via Zoom. Of course we do have a traditional phone mount in the car, but it’s centrally placed on the dash and not conducive to comfortable hands-free usage during stops. Discovering the Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow from Spice of Life USA was sort of a game changer. It is comfortable, adjustable, and so practical.

This tubular pillow is filled with micro foam beads and has an internal twistable structure that lets you mold it to whatever shape is best for you. On one end is an adjustable smartphone holder that expands to hold any size cell phone, or small tablet. At 56” long it is easy to bend it in a curve around the back of the neck for soft, gentle support. 

On a recent road trip, it was so convenient during rest stop breaks for the driver to reach for the Mobile Pillow, snap a phone in, then recline the seat and watch a quick video, or put on a meditation app. A quick media break can be so invigorating before getting back on the highway! Passengers can also use the Mobile Pillow during trips, making sure to adjust the phone holder low enough when in the front seat while the vehicle is moving so as not to interfere with the driver’s field of vision.

Our favorite method of using the Mobile Pillow was to shape it around the back of the neck with the phone holder about 12” - 18” away from the eyes. At that vantage point, it’s close enough to accommodate corded earbuds, or listen through the phone’s speaker. 

It’s not just for use in the car. 

The Mobile Pillow came in very handy at home one evening when I wanted to finish a long-ish Ted Talk at bedtime. The soft fabric felt very relaxing behind my neck and relieved the typical stress around the neck, shoulders and hands that often occurs when you try to prop up your phone manually in bed. If you’d rather not have it on your neck, or prefer it a little further away from your face, just coil it up and place it on your lap, bed or on a table.

It was also appreciated by an elderly family member whose wrist often gets a little tired holding up a phone for more than a few minutes. She enjoyed keeping in touch with a video call from her favorite grandson – and being someone who likes to talk with her hands, she could communicate with both voice and gestures!

We highly recommend the Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow as a super comfortable travel accessory, or for use in the home. The Mobile Pillow comes in a variety of solid colors, and the suggested retail price is $48.00.

Nancy Burlan, posted 5/24/2022

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