Review – Accell UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

What’s better than a nice, clean phone? A nice, clean phone that is fully charged! If there is one essential lesson we’ve learned in the past couple of years, it is how easily unwanted germs, bacteria, and viruses can be spread. Now, thanks to the Accell UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging, it is also super easy to keep your smaller belongings such as cell phone or keys clean and sanitized which not only reduces your risk of coming into contact with potentially harmful microbes, it will also give you the peace of mind that comes with having a fully charged phone.

We are often skeptical when learning about a product that claims to do two different tasks equally effectively, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover the Accell UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging delivers. This device is a sleek and compact, and uses UV light to effectively kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria that can build up on frequently used gadgets such as phones, masks, ear buds, and even keys and jewelry.

It couldn’t be easier to use – just open the lid of the box, place your items inside and, once it’s closed, press the sanitizing button on top – press once for the normal five-minute cycle, or twice for deep cleaning. The light on the button will shut off when the cycle is complete. When you consider all the germ-laden things people often touch before handling their phones (door handles, elevator buttons, and handshakes – oh my!), or the surfaces their phones come in direct contact with, that deep cleaning option makes good sense.

If you’d like to enjoy a little aromatherapy, just add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil (not included) in the small fragrance storage area inside. The calming essence of lavender would be a nice diversion during a heated conversation with stressed out family members or disgruntled customers.

We found it best to sterilize our phone twice. Once for the case only, and the other time for the phone only. UV light can only sanitize what it can reach, and most of our rubber phone cases block light from getting to all areas of the phone. A few years ago at a Pepcom trade show in Las Vegas, Corning Glass were testing reporters phones for bacteria, and it was a shock to see how much bacteria were alive on our phones! They explained that screen protectors were often the worst area for germs, due to small cracks and fissures in the material, especially plastic. Naturally they were touting the antimicrobial properties of their latest version of Gorilla Glass, but the readings shocked all of us. Accordingly, sterilizing your phone and case separately is our suggestion. And the Accell UV Sanitizer makes it easy, no muss, no fuss!

The Accell UV Sanitizer supports wireless charging for Qi-enabled iPhone or Android(check your device or its original packaging for the Qi logo to ensure it is capable of wireless charging). Just place the phone on top of the device, and the process will begin – you’ll see blue LED lights around the edges glowing while it’s charging. It ships with a power adapter and a USB-C to USB-A cable. Suggested price is $49.99.

Nancy Burlan with Harris Fogel, posted 6/22/2022

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