Show Report – Capital Audiofest 2022: Up Close and Personal, Part Two

In Part One of our Capital Audiofest 2022 coverage (Issue 180), I touched upon the family nature of the specialty audio business. And I’ve found it interesting how the industry seems to skip generations. Our sons have little interest in audio, despite having grown up with great gear. What they didn’t skip over was my wife’s and my love of music without reservation. Our home has always been full of any and all genres of music and they picked up on that diversity. But it’s not unusual for kids to not appreciate their parents’ interests, although all of us are into the fabulous L.A. Dodgers, Phillipe’s, cats, dogs, and technology. That said, Thomas loves his pair of Audioengine A5+ powered speakers, while our younger son Jonathan adores his Oppo PM-3 closed-back planar magnetic headphones, so perhaps all isn’t lost.

Part Two of a three part article.

Harris Fogel & Nancy Burlan, originally published in Copper Magazine 181, Posted 1/30/2023

All Photographs © Copyright Harris Fogel 2022

Story Photo: Andrew Jones was one of the stars of the show, unveiling his first foray into a new speaker since leaving ELAC. The MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 10 brought in the most consistently crowded room at the show.

Here he is delivering the soliloquy from Hamlet:

“To be a single driver, coaxial, or concentric, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the time-induced slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by taking arms against latency and oppose a sea of troubles…”