Show Report – Capital Audiofest 2022: An Audio Journey, and More Photos from Capital Audiofest, Part Three

In Part Two of our Capital Audiofest 2022 coverage (Issue 181), I briefly touched upon how audio has impacted our lives. One of the most interesting and revealing aspects of an audio show is how it forces one to consider their own audio journey. Mine was pretty simple. It started with simply loving music, the Rolling Stones in particular. My parents had a Fisher solid-state receiver with a Garrard turntable and Shure cartridge in a large green console cabinet. It sounded great. It had large 12- or 15-inch single-driver speakers. We had the speaker surrounds re-foamed at one point. When I left to go to college my mom sold the system for $100, which infuriated me. She wasn’t tired of the stereo, but of the large piece of furniture. For her, the stereo system was indistinguishable from the furniture. It was just the thing that made music. There wasn’t any prestige in owning it, nor did she think of it as particularly valuable. Fortunately, I kept the albums.

Part Three of a three part article. Posted 2/12/2023

Harris Fogel & Nancy Burlan, originally published in Copper Magazine 182, 2/12/2023

All Photographs © Copyright Harris Fogel 2023

Story Image: Devin Bowler (CD Cellar) and Carolyn Albert (Orpheus Music) with a happy customer holding a MoFi pressing of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Couldn’t Stand the Weather. Their booth was constantly filled with folks seeking rare and hard-to-find pressings.

Home Page Image: This is the business end of the new Andrew Jones-designed MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 10 bookshelf speaker. That’s a purty cool-looking concentric driver if you ask me.