Show Report – A Visit to an Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention 2022

The AES (Audio Engineering Society) conventions are among the most important shows in professional audio, which means that what you hear there today will have an impact on home listeners tomorrow. One of the most important aspects of AES is the organization’s focus on education, not only for professionals but for students as well, and their passion for recording music was evident. My interest tends to lay in restoration and archival techniques, and there was plenty to chew on.

Harris Fogel, originally published in Copper Magazine 187, 5/1/2023

All Photographs © Copyright Harris Fogel 2023

Story Photograph: The “Celebrating Al Schmitt” panel, left to right: Chuck Ainlay, Paula Salvatore, Dana Dowd, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, and Niko Bolas (moderator).