The DAM NYC Conference: Why Digital Asset Management Matters to Audiophiles & Photographers

OK, so why does DAM matter to audiophiles and photographers, and well, just about everyone else on the planet who does searches on the internet? Because without it, you couldn’t play your favorite song, from either streaming sources or even locally-stored music files. The importance of DAM was in evidence at the last DAM New York 2022 conference, organized by Henry Stewart Conferences, held at the New York Hilton Midtown in September 2022. Digital asset management is a way of organizing and making data searchable. In many ways it doesn't much matter what the data is. DAM can work for music data, video files, graphics files such as photographs and those created by Adobe Illustrator – in fact, just about anything digital.

Harris Fogel, originally published in Copper Magazine 185, 4/3/2023

All Photographs © Copyright Harris Fogel 2023